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King Tide

5 Jan


16″ x 22″

The dramatic king tide covers the beach and crashes against the rocks and cliff at Coquille Point in Bandon. This painting, originally painted in 2016, was reworked to decrease the size of the foreground rock and make the incoming wave more dramatic.  I like working in media that allow me to rework a painting, sometimes years later, to bring it to a better finish.  Here, the UART sanded paper was very receptive to brushing off color and adding more layers of soft pastel.


Coquille River

1 Nov


16″ x 12″

This view is from Bandon’s South Jetty up the river toward Old Town. The tide was receding, exposing the mud flats.

Johnson Creek Mist

30 Oct


16″ x 12″

A light coastal mist shrouded the beach homes on the hill above the creek mouth and sent a diffused light to sparkle on the sand patterns left from the last high tide.

Sunny’s Chickens

18 Oct


16″ x 12″

Chickens are a common, yet delightful farm subject.  I like
this mosaic effect of looking through the fencing wire at 
the chickens as they check me out.

Hobby Horse Farm

15 Oct


16″ x 12″

This is that place on a farm where old junk is stored.  The 
plastic hobby horse glowed from the sunshine behind it as it 
galloped through the trees.  The window made a great 
counterpoint catching the reflections of the sky and trees.

Sunny’s Donkey Pasture

13 Sep


16″ x 12″

The sunlight filtered through the foreground trees and 
glared onto the donkey pasture set in a beautiful little 
valley.  The donkeys wandered by to keep an eye on things
as I painted plein air.

Lighthouse Dunes

20 Aug


9″ x 12″

The Coquille lighthouse in Bandon, Oregon, was painted en 
plein air.  Soft pastels were a great medium for quickly 
capturing the colors and feel of the day.  Grassy dunes 
blocked some of the wind along the path leading to the 
lighthouse and the river beyond.   The west side of the 
lighthouse was lit up from the sun glinting off the ocean.