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Bandon Crossings

2 Jun


16″ x 12″

Bandon Crossings’s 14th hole sits in a little valley between a marsh and a small lake. The wild vegetation along the edges of the greens frame the scene in spring colors.


Yellow Pond Lily

24 Mar


16″ x 12″

It was too windy to sit and paint, so my camera studied the pond lily leaves as they danced on the dark water.  Later, the soft pastels translated the wind and light on the water lilies.  This painting can be viewed and purchased at the Southern Coos Hospital’s show, “Flora and Fauna of the Coquille Watershed” April 9 until June 26, 2015.  The reception is April 12, 2015 from 1:00-3:00 pm at the Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center, 900 11th Street SE, Bandon, Oregon.

Shore Acres Pond

7 Jun


18″ x 12″


Beyond Shore Acres State Park’s formal gardens lies the Japanese style gardens and lily pond.   It was windy and chilly spring day when I visited Shore Acres to paint.  The pond, which was set low and protected from the wind, seemed to be in another world, even though the ocean waves could be heard crashing against the cliff yards away.  My awareness of the agitation of the surrounding environment appears reflected in this painting of a still pool.