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Whiskey Run

23 Dec


18″ x 24″

The road, Whiskey Run, ends on this Oregon beach that is approved for vehicles. Mud tracks curved through the newly washed-in logs, some of which had to be cut to make way for the cars. Freshly sawn logs created some nice orange color to contrast with the browns and blues of the beach.


Purple Beach

27 May


16″ x 22″

Light diffused through the coastal mist at sunset, painting the beach in purple, lavender and orange.  Bandon, Oregon’s iconic Face Rock and Kittens sit on the horizon.

Cape Arago Lighthouse

23 Apr

Cape_Arago_Lighthouse18″ x 12″


Cape Arago’s unusual rocky land structure with its many coves, inlets and rock formations gives a painterly setting for the lighthouse.  A light fog bank approaches to color the scene.

Shore Acres Fog

23 Oct


12″ x 9″


This was painted plein air at Shore Acres State Park.   The sun was illuminating the churning sea when a fog bank rolled rapidly toward me.  The horizon and the rock formations blurred and disappeared as the fog advanced.  I finished the painting with sunlight hitting the advancing fog.

Sea Stacks

2 May


12″ x 9″

This view is from south of Face Rock looking toward Cathedral Rock.  The incoming waves brought white froth lines which helped compose this painting of some of Bandon Beach’s sea stacks.

Wave Colors

1 May


12″ x 9″   sold

After a hard rain the Coquille River carries mud into the ocean which makes a colored demarcation around the river’s mouth.  The ocean took on stripes of color as the waves washed back against the shore.