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Kitten Sunset

25 May

Kitten Sunset sm

18″ x 12″

The setting sun blazes over the cloud bank and Kitten Rocks splashing color over the beach.  This is a companion painting to Face Rock Dream.


Elephant Tide

12 May


18″ x 12″

Coquille Point in Bandon is a great place to view Elephant Rock and the Pacific, especially at high tides. This King Tide almost  covered the beach. The various inlets, tunnels, rocks and wide beach make for interesting wave patterns.

Cathedral Lace

19 Feb


18″ x 12″

Cathedral Rock is a massive haystack formation at the base of Face Rock Lookout in Bandon, Oregon.  It is hollow with window and door openings.  The cave can be explored at low tide. This day there was a king tide with the ocean gushing through the cathedral, almost covering the beach and leaving lacy froth as the waves receded.  The clouds mimicked the pattern of the lace on the beach.  Cathedral Rock has previously been the subject of two of my watercolor paintings, Cathedral Rock Window and Cathedral Rock High Tide.  In this painting the pastels worked well to capture the lacy patterns of the scene.

Cathedral Series              Cathedral Rock Window                             Cathedral Rock High Tide

Battery Point Lighthouse

20 Jan


24″ x 18″   sold


This view of Crescent City’s lighthouse is from the north at the lookout at Brother Jonathan Park.  The mountains and strips of fog seem to surround Battery Point Island in a crescent, protecting the lighthouse as the ocean waves batter the rocks.

Simpson Beach

2 Sep


24″ x 18″

The colors at Simpson Beach seem more intense than at other nearby Oregon beaches.  The concretions and flat stones that extend out into the bay are covered with bright green seaweed.  The pale pink sand is made mostly of tiny smooth sea shell pieces.  Then, the high tide sends a transparent wash over this wonderful place swirling the colors into a lovely painting.