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Face Rock Fog

2 Mar

Face_Rock_Fog24″ x 18″


It is amazing how little wisps of fog can change a scene by hiding huge structures and throwing light and color around.  As we were walking Bandon’s beach at sunset, the fog moved across the Kittens and then Face Rock, changing the colors of the sunset and beach reflections.  The feeding gulls remained a constant, anchoring the scene.


Bandon Sunset 5

28 Jul


18″ x 12″


This is the fifth in the Bandon Sunset series with rock formations.   I rarely discuss composition, but this painting breaks the rules and works nicely anyway.  My reference photo had the sun and the big rock close to center  which is usually a big no-no.Then the dark incoming ocean wave slices the painting in the middle horizontally, another no-no.  But the play of the sunlight and dark clouds make the composition work by bringing the focus to the distant Face Rock Kit Rocks, back lighting them and making them the center of attention.