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Simpson Beach

2 Sep


24″ x 18″

The colors at Simpson Beach seem more intense than at other nearby Oregon beaches.  The concretions and flat stones that extend out into the bay are covered with bright green seaweed.  The pale pink sand is made mostly of tiny smooth sea shell pieces.  Then, the high tide sends a transparent wash over this wonderful place swirling the colors into a lovely painting.


Giant Rib Cage Stones

28 Aug


24″ x 18″


This is a soft pastel painting of a real place.  It is part of the southern wall of Simpson Beach at Shore Acres State Park near Charleston, Oregon.  Being there triggers my magical thinking of a giant sea creature slowly being washed out of the soft siltstone.  The official explanation of these stone formations is that they are concretions.    A concretion is a calcite deposit which formed around a seashell fragment or other object in the sand.  This does not explain the regular spacing, nor how the cylindrical shaped stones jutting out of the cliff line up with the stones on the ground.  To add to the magic of this scene, the small stream created the little ledges in the sand and the sun filtered over the cliff to light the stones with drama.   Maybe the dull sounding word like “concretions” is used to purposely keep the crowds away.  We often have this beach to ourselves when we visit.