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UART 2016 Online Pastel Competition

28 Jun


12″ x 9″
My pastel painting “Jetty Surge” has been accepted into the UART 2018 Online Pastel Competition show! 600 Entries and 100 accepted.
Thanks to the judge, Lyn Asselta, and to UART the sponsor of the show. The winners will be announced July 7th and the show will be published on the UART website. Here is the link to the online show.…



Pastel Society of Oregon’s “Water Challenge”

17 May


12″ x 9″

Congratulations to Antonia Carriere for winning the Pastel Society of Oregon’s “Water Challenge” with her image of Owynee River North Fork. I received one of three Awards of Distinction for my “Jetty Surge.” The other Awards of Distinction went to Janis Ellison for her “Turquoise Water” and to Nancy Sorrell for “Down Under.” All of the images of pastels entered and winners can be seen on the PSO website,

Jetty Surge

1 Mar


12″ x 9″

The king tide surged through the mouth of the Coquille river for an up close look at wave action.

Cloud Reflections

1 Jan


16″ x 12″

The retreating tide left a soft mirror surface to reflect 
the evening clouds.

Elephant Tide

12 May


18″ x 12″

Coquille Point in Bandon is a great place to view Elephant Rock and the Pacific, especially at high tides. This King Tide almost  covered the beach. The various inlets, tunnels, rocks and wide beach make for interesting wave patterns.

“Trees” Show Opening

14 Jan

Trees 2013 Show

The “Trees” Show opening and artists’ reception was held today at the Southern Coos Hospital.   The Bandon Plein Air Painters have been exploring the subject matter of “Trees” during 2012 and this was a chance to show off our efforts.  The show was open to other artists who have found trees  to worthy subject matter for their art.  The response was wonderful with over 200 entries and a full house turnout to view the beautifully displayed collection of “Trees.”  The event was expertly handled by the show coordinator, Victoria Tierney.

2013_0113cliffhouse0005 three madrones

The above smaller painting is my soft pastel painting done on my first outing with the local Monday Plein Air Painters.  Several of the artists that day painted the same Madrone tree from a similar view.  The show placed them together for three artists’ vision of the same tree.  The large, gold framed tree is by Kathleen Morey Bailey  and the upper painting is by the owner of the Madrone tree, Amber Harris.