Meet and Greet the Artist at the Second Street Gallery

2 Jul


Bandon Sunset 3, 18″ x 12″


Meet & Greet the Artist events are featured every weekend throughout the summer at Second Street Gallery. They are free and the public is invited to see artists talking about and demonstrating their art.

Watercolor and pastel artist Pat Cink will be the featured artist at this weekend’s Meet & Greet the Artist at Second Street Gallery in Old Town Bandon.

From noon to 4 pm Saturday and Sunday, July 6 and 7, Cink will set up a mini studio and demonstrate her techniques of painting. On Saturday she will paint with watercolors on Yupo paper. Yupo is a synthetic paper that alters the watercolor painting process in many ways. The paper is non-absorbent, allowing the colors sit on the surface so they retain their vibrancy. Also, the paint can be removed and reworked to get just the right fresh interplay of colors. Cink often takes the process further by layering transparent colors over dried paint. She works to achieve luminous and vibrant Bandon seascapes.

On Sunday Cink will bring her soft pastels to demonstrate another technique for painting the beauty of Oregon. Soft pastels are rich pure pigments in stick form which go directly on sanded Wallis paper without mixing or using a medium.

Always an artist, I worked as a psychiatric nurse in the Midwest. Having a non-art career gave me a freedom to paint without depending on art for my income. I painted plein air as well as studio still lifes. Local and regional shows provided positive feedback. One of the last highlights before leaving the area was being in a Ten Year Retrospective Show.”

My husband and I have been Bandon residents for one year now. It still feels like vacation as we keep finding new things to explore.”

Since moving here, Cink was awarded the People’s Choice Honorable Mention at the Coos Art Museum’s Biennial 2012 Show for her painting, “Sunset Lake.” She also received Merit Awards for all three of her paintings entered in the Florence Celebrate Arts! 2012 Show. This June she was awarded first place for miniatures in the Fourth Annual Miniatures and Small Works Exhibition at the Art by the Sea Gallery and Studio for her painting, “Mossy Tree.”

Both her watercolor and soft pastel paintings can be seen at the Second Street Gallery, 210 Second Street SE, Bandon, Oregon,,  and on her website,


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