King Tide

4 Jan


The dramatic king tide covers the beach and crashes against
the rocks and cliff at Coquille Point in Bandon.

Cloud Reflections

1 Jan


The retreating tide left a soft mirror surface to reflect 
the evening clouds.

Sea Sparkles

30 Dec


The lower sun and winter light gave a touch of gold to the incoming waves at Bandon Beach.

Coquille River

1 Nov


This view is from Bandon’s South Jetty up the river toward Old Town. The tide was receding, exposing the mud flats.

Johnson Creek Mist

30 Oct


A light coastal mist shrouded the beach homes on the hill above the creek mouth and sent a diffused light to sparkle on the sand patterns left from the last high tide.

Sunny’s Chickens

18 Oct


Chickens are a common, yet delightful farm subject.  I like
this mosaic effect of looking through the fencing wire at 
the chickens as they check me out.

Hobby Horse Farm

15 Oct


This is that place on a farm where old junk is stored.  The 
plastic hobby horse glowed from the sunshine behind it as it 
galloped through the trees.  The window made a great 
counterpoint catching the reflections of the sky and trees.

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